Social Media Frenzy!

I’ve been thinking for a while now, I need to blog. No really, I need to blog! Then I would start something and not finish it. Maybe if I was a good story teller or had something more interesting to say this would be easy, i.e. wedding stories, vacation plans, photography, recipes or crafting. Then again, I am a guy, what do male bloggers really blog about? Sports?


Well, that all changed today. I decided to post random social media information and links. I am working on some new projects this summer since work will be slower. One of the things I am working on is creating a website. So, why not tag, link, and share some of the best social media and website advice from around the internet in one place? This is much easier and now I can delete nearly all of my bookmarked tabs from my internet browser. Whenever I need them they will be here, on my blog, easy to find while I work through creating this new site and their social media pages.

I have found some really good tips especially from Hootsuite. I am learning about Google + Pages. I will need to set one up soon for the company I am working on. These are some of the “getting started” tips I have found online.

I have also found some good tips about using Facebook for a business’s page. Catchy name as well, Seven Deadly Sins of Facebook.

I will be using both as I work on creating this site and their pages via various platforms. Feel free to drop a comment if you have suggestions and tips or links to others.

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